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Samuel 'Qayaqsuq' Clark, member of the Saguyaq Tribe, part of the Yup'ik Nation.

Lifelong ruralite from Bristol Bay Alaska, Sam values the simplicity of small communities like the one he grew up in. His writing reflects the careful nature of traditional Alaska Native paradigms and is shaped by a long standing set of values his people call Yuuyaraq. While studying political science and American Indian studies at Arizona State, Sam has been involved notable high-profile campaigns and policy initiatives in the state. His current ventures include the promotion of an Alaska Native corporate election candidate, freelance graphic design, and independent research. Sam writes in the hopes of reaching others across the Americas who share similar upbringings unique cultural perspectives.

Climate Change in the sub-Arctic

Alaska Native villages at risk of losing homes to rising sea levels, erosion, and thawing permafrost.

Climate-deniers say warming is a natural process, something that humans have no part in, but there is no doubt within the scientific community that the increased use of dirty fuel sources has indeed contributed to warmer temperatures. Data doesn’t lie. […]