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This Indian Lullaby

A Song By: Kakendasot

Before I pursued my heritage, all I knew about the Potawatomi culture was from a lullaby. A song that had been sung to children for generations and when my great-grandfather moved off the reservation he sang it to his children. I do not know what this song means or even how to put it into written language; but I can sing it. My mother sang it to me when I was scared. I sang it to my brother when he was born with my mother and grandmother leading me. The last time I sang it was to my grandmother as the great spirit took her home. The next time I sing it will be for my children; and this is why:


This Indian lullaby

handed down from mother to daughter,

This is the song of my heart.

This Indigenous Sound

Echoed through History,

Carries more meaning than you know

This is the song of your soul.

This tribal hum

Heard in the distance

Will never die,

Because it lives within our people.

This song has survived

Because of our people.

And our people live on

Because of this song.

Children and Grandchildren,

Mothers and Daughters,


Never stop singing.


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