Indigenous Reconciliation & Recognition for Local Governments

Petition to Local Governments to take the lead on Indigenous Recognition & Reconciliation.


Petition calls for local government to

  1. Cancel observation of Columbus Day and acknowledge the first monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day.
  2. Remove Statues & Monuments of those whom claimed doctrine of discovery, manifest destiny or similar subscriptions of white supremacy.
  3. Including Indigenous Peoples Rights to government to government consultation and prior and informed consent. [UNDRIP]  Into Socially Responsible Investment Matrix Adopt banking criteria for banking which includes public interest –  ethical standards, inter generational accounting and environmental stewardship. eg Climate sensitive portfolio management criteria of meeting 1996 IPCC recommendations 350 ppm 1℃ for investment portfolio management by 2020.
  4. Allocate land or building for Indigenous Community, Arts & Indigenous Cultural Centers
  5. Allocate 1% of Arts and Culture budget towards ongoing Indigenous Peoples programing
  6. Introduce resolutions for 1% of land transaction tax for ongoing support and reconciliation efforts for local tribal groups regardless if they be federally recognized.
  7. Recognition of Indigenous Peoples with a seat at the decision making table.

#IndigenousPeoplesDay #DefundDAPL #1%forFirstPeoples

City of San Francisco Petition:


Please direct questions, comments, or letters of support to:

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