Ending a System of Genocide

America was founded on the genocide of Native Americans that continues to this day through the form of a blood count. As an Indigenous infant enters this society, they are born into a fraction handed down by their parents. If both parents are from the same tribe, they remain whole. If the parents are from different tribes, they are mixed. If one parent is non-native, a child has lost a significant amount of their ‘authenticity’ as a tribal member. […]

Chevak Charlie – The Lost Cause

Another night had passed for Charlie who awoke to the familiar sting of the fall air. Rising from the dirt-ridden mattress he claimed for himself out of the town’s dump, he crept out of his shack to find that the sun had already risen. His dark brown hair, matted and oily, truly made him look like a traditional Eskimo – the kind you only see in old pictures. […]